Vanilla Extract

Alissa Dias

List of Ingredients

1 Cup of 80 Proof Vodka
For 1X Strength 6 Vanilla Beans or 24gm/.8oz
For 2X Strength 12 Vanilla Beans or 48gm/1.7oz
For 3X Strength 18 Vanilla Beans or 72gm/2.5oz
For 4X Strength 24 Vanilla Beans 96gm/3.4oz
1/4 TSP corn syrup (optional)



  • Split the beans with a sharp knife and chop into half inch pieces.
  • Place Vodka, chopped beans and corn syrup in an airtight glass container
  • Store in an cool place for 3-6 months to allow the extraction to take place.
  • You will have usable extract in about 1 month give or take. 
  • Shake the container once a week.

Use the extract in your recipes that call for vanilla but for
2X use 1/2 of the recipe amount
3X use 1/3 of the recipe amount and for
4X use 1/4 of the recipe the amount.