Welcome to our new site!

Alissa Dias

Welcome to our new site!

We've had 11 great years with the old, but it was time to upgrade! 

This is a family business - the picture you see is of my son working on the new website.  He designed the original site as a school project, and having since embarked on a career as a web developer, he has been a tremendous resource in helping me launch the new!  Thanks Matt!

We hope you like the new, cleaner design and the simplified product pages.  If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments section.  

And if you need any help navigating the new site, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to me, my info is in the Contact Us section..




  • As in recent years, the yield has been very low at the Veracruz plantations.
    Much of the available Mexican bean crop is used internally for making extract and a few tons of authentic Mexican beans are sold around the world.

    Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous distributors that receive Madagascan beans or lesser quality beans from elsewhere and then in turn ship them through Veracruz Mexico claiming that they are Mexican beans.

    At Boston Vanilla Bean Company we know our suppliers and trust them.
    Plus our suppliers can provide certificates of origin.


  • Our offices and warehouse are located in Kitty Hawk on Kitty Hawk Rd. Please contact me if you wish to pick up your order or if you would like to visit.


  • Why are Mexican beans in very short supply again this year?
    Other shops have them why doesn’t Boston Vanilla Bean Company?

    Ann Magno

  • Where are you located in Kitty Hawk ? Do you have a physical store and/or physical address ?

    Brian Taylor

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