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Boston Vanilla Bean Company sells only the finest
Vanilla Beans carefully grown and sun cured.
Our Extract is custom made.
Our Powder is 100% Vanilla,
ground to your specification.

Learn more about the Mexican Vanilla Shortage and its Effect on Prices

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We offer Bourbon Vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia)
from Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia, and Mexico.
We also carry Tahitian Vanilla
(Vanilla Tahitensis) which has a fruity flavor and floral aroma.

Our plump and fragrant vanilla beans have a rich dark color.
They are full of that wonderful vanilla flavor that you are looking for.

We carefully select each bean sent to our customers.
There is no bulk vacuum packaging at Boston Vanilla Bean Company.

We pack our premium vanilla beans in clear plastic tubes,
and ship them to you the next day.

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Learn more about the History of Vanilla
and the many varieties of vanilla beans we offer.

Remember to store your beans at room temperature.

Today's Featured Recipe seen on Good Eats -
"Fruit Salad with Vanilla Bean Dressing"

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Mexican Vanilla Shortage

Harsh weather conditions and drought caused a 90% loss of the 2011 crop.
Vanilla beans are an annual crop that takes much of the year to grow and cure. Thus, Mexican vanilla is in short supply in 2012. We have learned that the 2012 crop is 10% of typical years possibly due to th stress of last years drought.
There are some factions that are hoarding supplies. All this has the effect of forcing Mexican bean prices higher, but due to the nature of the vanilla business and the global economy, other origins are raising prices too.
In theory, this is good for the farmers, but in reality the distributors and countries of origin are the ones profiting.
To date we have been able to hold our prices by absorbing the price increases. So far, we have been lucky to obtain sufficient quantities of all our products. We will continue to strive to maintain our stock levels and hold prices at current levels.

Our hope is that the next season will be better and thus relieve the strain on the vanilla business.

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